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April 8, 2017


Over the past 14 years I have been collecting personal stories of experiences with mental illness for a living manuscript called Glimpses and it is through this project that Minds Unleashed came about. I regularly received requests to include poetry in the manuscript; however I had never intended to include anything other than personal stories and felt it was not the right medium for poetry. Nonetheless people occasionally sent poetry and I kept it all the same. Finally I decided to research the interest in my putting together a collection of poetry and the response in just the first 3 days was overwhelming.


There is a wealth of such diverse creativity among those with a mental illness and poetry is just one of them. Personally I have found that poetry is a therapeutic and safe way of expressing the emotional roller coaster that we ride all too frequently and one that gives insight into our experiences in a very unique way.


Whether you read Minds Unleashed just because you like poetry, because you need to feel a connection with others who experience mental illness or because you are looking for a better understanding of what we experience, I hope you enjoy the following collection of poems.


All poetry contributed to Minds Unleashed is voluntary and for no monetary gain. Its contents can be read by Author on my website, also there is the provision to download the complete collection as one document.


Feel free to share it with friends, family, colleagues, well basically anyone and everyone.


Now sit back and enjoy. Prepare to be amazed, moved and wowed.


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