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Poetry by Tracy Gaddin

June 26, 2017

 Tracy Gaddin lost her fight to Bipolar. I thank Tracy's mum for sharing these precious insights.


Pumpkin Time


Pumpkin time the revelry is over

I rise to my feet and step heavily to the door

My heart aches with the impending good-bye

An acute cacophony of feelings, and surge of energy

 1 – 2 – 3 – 4

Then again 1-2-3-4, I will arrive at my destination

Calmed by the cool evening breeze, lulled by cricket calls

I put pen to paper then look to the morrow

My evening is now complete.




(Hang in there – everything will come right)


From my cigarette spiralling smoke

Such is my new found hope


Once a past of despair

A broken heart beyond repair


A hunger for substitute nourishment

Vasbyt – alles sal regkom

Self-control so hard to implement


As night would lead to day

Till as late as possible I lay


Gathering my strength for the morrow

A dark musical escape from the sorrow


Down but far from out

That’s what I’m all about


With tenacity and Divine sustained will

I’m nearing the top of this hill


To those who have given me unfailing support

Thank you, and to my Loving Maker


Lord, open my lips and my mouth will sing Your praise




Break of Dawn


Break, break, break of dawn

Get up now, and don’t yawn

The bed is warm

I know you’re torn

It’s the break of dawn


A new day has just begun

Resist temptation party person

Look to the rising sun

There’s so many ways today to have fun.

If you decline the chance, you’ll have none. 


Party person break, break, it’s day break,

Get up now and have the cake

Say the morning prayer for your soul’s sake

Get up now, it’s not too late.


Got my body, got my soul, got my brawn.

Thank you G-d, I’m so glad its dawn.



Sleep Eludes Me


Sleep eludes me

I have chased her for hours

I try to capture her by the lull of light lyrics on my radio

I try to trick her by teasing her with my bedroom light,

Pretending that her entrapment is not my aim.


My pulse races and thoughts rollercoaster through my mind

I toss to and fro

My throat is dry so I relieve this physical thirst


My belly rumbles and I satisfy this physical hunger

What I thirst for and at this hour of the morn

I cannot have satiated is the taste of your lips

What I hunger for also at this hour of the morn

And ache for is your touch

A simple caress of my face or your hand touching mine


I would revel in the experience of your body simply brushing past mine

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