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Poetry by Tina Currah

August 28, 2017


                                    A Day At The Fair



                                    Up and down, up and down,

                                    The meaning of Bi-Polar.

                                    Round and round, over and over,

                                    The Bi-Polar roller coaster.


                                    In and out, in and out,

                                    Happy….., strong, then fear and doubt.

                                    Round and round, over and over,

                                    This is the Bi-Polar roller coaster.


                                    Twisting and turning and upside down,

                                    “I can fly” …., “I’m gonna drown!”

                                    Round and round, over and over,

                                    The dreaded Bi-Polar roller coaster.


                                    Up and down, in and out,

                                    A hundred voices scream and shout,

                                    Round and round, over and over,

                                    Please stop the Bi-Polar roller coaster.


                                    Under and through, under and through,

                                    To myself it’s hard to be true.

                                    Round and round, over and over,

                                    Conquer the Bi-Polar roller coaster.


                                    Up and over, round and through –

                                    Try to learn what not to do!

                                    In and down, out and under –

                                    Don’t be scared…. It’s only thunder!


                                    Twisting, turning, upside down –

                                    Make a smile where there’s a frown.

                                    Round and under and inside out –

                                    Through and up and over…..

                                    This is my life, aboard the Bi-Polar roller coaster.




Shadows in the Dark



Memories in my head, cannot sleep, cannot think.

Shadows in the dark, insanity on the brink.

Tightness in me chest, breathing very deep.

All I want, all I want, to be able to go to sleep!

I see the house, I see the room, I see me and him.

I see the couch and the blanket, then everything goes dim.

Every sound becomes an echo; every thought becomes a dream.

How could someone, who said he loved me, find the cause to be so mean?

Supposed to be my protector, shelter me from harm.

But he’s the one who hurt me, his cool abrasive charm.

Tears roll down my cheeks, feeling so alone.

Scared as scared can be, want to use the phone.

But who to call, what to say? Can only move my hand.

Putting pen to paper, take me to another land.

Take away the pictures, all the feelings, all the hurt.

Take away the memories, so I can feel worth more than dirt.

Sinking in a pit, of darkness and despair.

Holes inside my heart, needing to repair.

Tired now must go to sleep.

Rest my weary head.

Try and dream away these feelings,

Of wishing I were dead.





Children need protection

They need to know they’re safe

No matter if they’re big and strong

Or frightened and naïve.


Adults are their protection

So why do they abuse?

They’re supposed to love and cherish them

Not abandon, hate and use!


A child looks for safety

In the arms of an adult

They long for kindness, caring too

Not invasion and assault!


When they hunger for affection

It’s a hug and kiss they’re after

Not sexual exploitation

Or the fondlings of a father!


All they want is LOVE

It’s a pure and simple need

So to all you heartless adults

Who refuse to heed

To the cries of help and anguish

With which these children do implore

Then kindly pack your blood bags






Let Me Be Free!


She’s an innocent child who sits in her room

A stranger enters; there’s an air of doom.

Her heartbeat quickens as the steps turn to thuds

The shadow closes over her, “My God what have I done?”

She thinks to herself at this frightening sight

Is there no one to help this poor child’s plight?

Where is her mother and where are her friends?

As she sits there and prays that this nightmare does end

All of a sudden, this scene, it blacks out

Her grown up mind then riddled with doubt

Was it real or was it a dream?

What does all of this really mean?

Is she at fault or is it he?

She’s so confused she just wants to be free.

Free to live life in a natural way

And block out the pictures she sees night and day

She wants to be free and her soul set at peace

The guilt and the dread she wants them to cease!

She wants to be free and feel like she could

Be joyous and happy and feel like she should!


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