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Poetry by Rowan Barber

March 4, 2018


Mixed States


I am enlightened or am I oppressed?
Am I manic or am I depressed?

I am cognitively reprocessing my cognitively processed thoughts.
I turn my noughts to ones then turn them back again to noughts.

I started up a company,
I hung out a new brass plate,
I'm so absorbed with destiny,
I determine my own fate.

I monitor my moods and keep the score upon a chart,
I love wifey with my liver so she cannot break my heart...

In deep within her womb there grows my Prima and Seconda,
what kind of world will they be entering? ah it makes me wonder!

racing round my brain again, chasing a wild transmission...
there is no way in hell or earth to offset this emission!
for heaven is a place but yet seems to me to be a time,
when elation and ridiculousness converge to be sublime....

I am enlightened or am I oppressed?
Am I manic or am I depressed?
more than I can chew in mouth and on plate,
how do I escape the snare of mixed state???


Poetry submissions on lived experience with mental illness are welcomed on an ongoing basis, if you have always wanted to share your talent, now is the time to do so.


Send your poems through to either in the body of the email or in a MS Word document.

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