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Poetry by Black Swan

October 13, 2018




Life is an Ocean

The treacherous sea of

Waves –


Higher than the eye can see

With an edge of calmness –


The calm before the storm

Upon it rides a vessel

That’s forlorn –


As it struggles with the motion

Stoned face – no feelings – no emotions


It was just another foreign object

That the sea – the Ocean


Has again claimed so tragically



ANGEL (A mistaken gift)


She is so beautiful

So magically wonderful

So sweet and innocent


God sent an Angel to me

But Satan had other plans

When he took my Angel

Away from me

Angel has left

Five years and passing

The pain just won’t cease


I’m sorry God

If I had mistaken


That Angel was a gift

From above


But not a gift



“My Mystery Lady”


As I look back on my junior years

As I reflect on years gone by

I recall the trauma’s and taunts

Of a young child’s mind


But I will always remember

The school’s “Mystery Lady”

Who pulled me by her side!


Her gentle soft voice

As she spoke to me

An understanding mind of a woman

To a troublesome child


As she opened her mouth

I felt a warm blanket

Wrap around me


If anyone could reach out

To a child in need

I knew it would be this woman

In deed


Only it was not meant to be

My “Mystery Lady” retired that week

And the next was deceased


The only chance I had

Finished before it began

“Oh” Mystery Lady why did you leave?”


“R.I.P My Mystery Lady – you never knew

The 30 minute impact you had on me”





You are a fruit cake

You are a fake,

Acting like a retard

Dealing the wrong kind of card,

The stories you tell are so real

How do you feel?

Do you know the difference?

In reality and make believe,

Does every thing you say

Come from some kind of play,

Do you know the difference?

In night and day,

Believing every thing you are told

You know you were that

“Problem child”

Is it in your head?

That you were born dead

You were the bad girl

Who didn’t deserve a pearl,

Every thing you say and do

You know it is wrong

So why do you prolong

You know you are brain dead

You know you are lame

So why do you –

Continue to play them

At their own game






Where do you go

And what do you do

Why are you running

Is it them or is it you


Are you on the road to destiny

Or the road to destruction


How do you survive

The heat of the day

Where do you hide

From the cold, cold nights


Another town, another story

A body or two have been found

Were they victims of foul play

There is feeling of dismay


Lonely hitchhiker, do you show no fear

As you gamble with the road

And all it’s load


Is each town a new chapter

Are you longing for an end

Or looking for a friend


Another truck rumbles past

Just like life it is moving fast

Have you been dealt

The wrong kind of card


As you shuffle your feet

And stick out your thumb

Sticking to the road

Melting in the sun


You disappear in the mid of the night

Looking for that ray of light


Where do you go

And what do you do

Why are you running


Is it them

Or is it you



SUBSTANCE  (The ultimate love affair)


You came into my life

When I needed a friend

The first affair we encountered

Was suppose to be – just a fling

There were others before you

But who’s counting

Because you’re so different –

Different from all the rest

You are so pure and white

As soft as snow

And when the chips are down

And No-one’s around

You are there my friend

You are there

When ever I need some one

Some one to understand

Some one to care

You are there my friend

You are there

For you are the only thing

Who has stood by me

and not

Judge me for who

I am

You ease both my sorrow

And my pain

So nothing else matters –

Cause you are the only thing who cares.

It’s a shame you are illegal

And cost so much

Cause I have to be unfaithful

And say

This is the end of us………






I try and put on a front

And have a different mask

Each day


I try to smile and laugh a lot

With a weird and wacky way


I try to hide the hurt deep inside

I try to push it all aside


But the lonely emptiness

I feel within me

Is getting harder and harder

To bare


If only they knew the pain

Within me is more than

I can spare


There’s nothing left for me to say



I try to smile and laugh a lot

With a weird and wacky way

It’s my way of saying……

I’m A O K


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